Worrell remains committed to the health, safety and success of our clients, partners and employees. In alignment with this commitment, we are proactively preparing to return to in-person studies in accordance with national and local guidelines as soon as it is safe and responsible to do so.

While guidance continues to evolve, below are examples of updated measures and safety precautions that will be implemented going forward, as well as an estimated timeframe for resuming in-person studies at each of our global locations. 

1. Physical distancing measures will be in effect across all facilities and offices.

  • Study rooms will be modified to ensure distancing between respondents and moderator, or transparent shielding systems will be used (above).
  • The number of physical study observers will be limited.
  • Live streaming will be encouraged and provided for free.
  • Respondent reception areas will be adjusted to ensure appropriate distancing.

2. Cleaning and sanitization standards will be enhanced and enforced.

  • Routine, professional cleaning will take place at all facilities.
  • The moderation room and all high-touch areas will be cleaned following every session.
  • A ‘one device per participant’ policy will be instituted wherever possible, especially when using handheld products such as injection devices.
  • All participants will be required to wash their hands according to guidelines (20 sec) before a session and moderators will be required to do so between every session.

3. Everyone on-site will be subject to increased health and safety requirements.

  • Participants must pass extra screening questions at point of recruitment related to COVID-19 potential symptoms and will be rescreened prior to their interview in accordance with national and local procedure.
  • Participants and moderators will be required to wear a mask in all common areas and may be requested to do so during a study.
  • Arrival times will be staggered and allow for cleaning between sessions.
  • In some places, temperature confirmation will be required for facility entry.
  • Facility, Worrell and Client staff will be limited to required personnel only and will be subject to prior screening per national and local guidelines.
  • Specific policies will be shared with participants to ensure transparency, set expectations and instill confidence.

4. Procedures and standards will be tailored to regional guidance and nuances. For example:

  • In London where public transportation is heavily relied upon, we may require and compensate participants for driving or taking a cab.
  • In China, facility entry is dependent upon a temperature check and a green QR code via tracking app (WeChat or Alipay) to certify allowance of unrestricted movement.

Estimated Timelines for Resuming In-Person Studies Per Region

Timelines below are estimated based on currently released guidance and are intended to be used as a ‘placeholder’ for planning purposes only.

United States
  • Our HQ in Minneapolis, MN plans to resume local in-person studies in controlled market research facilities starting in June.
  • Observations in healthcare facilities may begin starting in July at the earliest under strict conditions.
  • Travel to other domestic US cities may resume on a case-by-case basis starting in July.
  • International travel is restricted and will be reviewed as further guidance is issued.
  • Our London, UK team plans to resume local in-person studies in controlled market research facilities starting in August.
  • Observations in healthcare facilities are still restricted and it is unclear when they may resume.
  • International travel is restricted and will be reviewed as further guidance is issued.
  • Our team in Shanghai is currently open and has been safely conducting in-person studies and clinical observation throughout China.
  • International travel is restricted and will be reviewed as further guidance is issued.

Virtual Research Methods

Conducting high-quality research in this environment is still very feasible. Many of our research methodologies are designed to capture valuable insights without in-person interaction.  Throughout the past few months, our teams have continued to deliver user and stakeholder insights and innovative design from afar. For more information on these methodologies please visit Human Centered Design Continues and Adapts.

Need a Quote or a Proposal?

We encourage you to reach out to our team to begin scoping projects intended for the summer and fall months. Our team will be happy to share more detailed information based on your specific needs and project requirements.  Please contact our local team leads below:


USA – Brandon Bogdalek ([email protected])

Europe – Matt Gottschalk ([email protected])

Asia – Otmar Klaas ([email protected])