Transforming the Face of Diabetes Consumer Products


Present a novel diabetes device to consumers in such a way that conveys its innovative design, and differentiates the product from its competitors.


A unique packaging design, quick-start guide, and IFU, whose aesthetics aligned with existing brand elements, while incorporating a distinctive shape and style that echoed the sleek, high-tech nature of the device itself.

LabStyle Innovations Corp., a small startup based in Tel Aviv, are the creators of an all-in-one, personalized, pocket-sized alternative to traditional bulky, conspicuous glucometer. Its slim design fits nearly into a pocket and consists of a glucose meter, a disposable test strip cartridge, and lancing device. The device is coupled with a robust real-time mobile app where patients can access all of their information, as well as insights and patterns found in the data, allowing them to manage diabetes quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

LabStyle partnered with Worrell to create a sleek and simple package design that enhanced the existing brand language, conveyed a high-end consumer goods feel, and created a significant point of differentiation among other devices living on the shelf. In addition to the packaging, Worrell was tasked with designing the replacement strips and cartridges, the quick start reference guide, and the printed IFU.

Worrell’s User Experience and Industrial Design teams worked collaboratively to explore ideas around “stopability" and “shopability" at point-of-sale, to provide a superior out of box experience.

They performed a competitive audit of consumer electronics and existing diabetes testing devices, observing their placement in retail environments. They also collaborated with print vendors to help evaluate engineering costs of various papers, finishes and folds.

Iterative rounds of review with the client helped hone Worrell’s design direction. A small run of the final design was produced to specifications, and run through shipping tests to evaluate durability of ink finishes and structural integrity of shipping configurations.

Worrell’s User Experience team provided written information in seven different languages for an illustrated, quick-start reference guide, in addition to a full IFU.

After receiving FDA clearance in March 2016 and launching in the U.S. — the largest market for blood glucose meters — LabStyle saw a 100 percent increase in growth, bringing in $669,000 in revenue in the second quarter for 2016. Since its launch, the brand reported 4,900 registered users, 2,300 monthly active users and $6.4 million cash balance as of the end of June, 2016.