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Why We’re Excited for CES 2019

The new year is right around the corner, and we’re gearing up for another trip to CES in Las Vegas.

CES and the Digital Health Summit have never felt like a more appropriate venue to discuss the impact of emerging technologies on the healthcare ecosystem. The Consumer Electronics Show has long been a place for healthcare innovators to expose themselves to technologies that are resonating within consumer markets and prepare for their adoption as healthcare tools. As the inevitable consumerization of healthcare continues, and more technologies are repurposed and refined specifically with healthcare in mind, the gap between the CES showfloor and the healthcare facility continues to narrow.

At Worrell, we’re passionate about helping our partners understand the implications and applications of these technologies within their healthcare segments. Being a part of the conversations that are driving change throughout care delivery and administration is an essential part of this, and with the new “healthcare consumer” at the center of that discussion, it starts here.



Physicians at CES


For the first time ever, members of the healthcare community can earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits at CES. Healthcare professionals attending the “Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare” track can earn up to 6 CME credits. The Digital Health Summit had already planted its flag as a key component of CES, and with the addition of another co-located event, the CTA has incentivized attendance for providers and practitioners.

Why is this so exciting? More than ever before, CES is poised to engage healthcare providers as one of the key consumers of digital innovation in healthcare. The consumerization of the industry is putting big demands on providers to innovate and adapt. Those adaptations will be made possible in large part by the adoption of new and improved digital technologies. Conversations around digital innovation that include this audience are sure to accelerate advocacy and adoption for emerging technology in care facilities and patients’ homes. We’re excited to engage attendees at this track and discuss what technologies they see having the largest impact on their service-models, and the care outcomes they deliver.

Have you registered for the Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare track yet?


FDA-Approvals for Digital Therapeutics


2018 has been a big year for the FDA. With congresses’ 21st Century Cures Act, and the FDA’s Digital Health Innovation Action Plan, along with the introduction of the pre-certification pilot program, and an outline for a new regulatory framework for managing approval and clearance for digital therapeutics, it’s been made very clear that the FDA is committed to adapting and evolving along with the technology that is powering our industry. We’re excited to engage other digital health companies from around the US and the world in discussions about how both digital health companies and consumers can be best served by the regulatory bodies that govern the industry.




Data Management, HIPAA, and HITECH


On the other side of the regulatory coin is data management. With so many digital health technologies beginning to cut their teeth in real care-scenarios, we’re excited to engage in dialogues with leaders in data management and security of PHI. De-risking a digital tool from a health outcomes perspective is one thing, but protecting patient data is a whole different animal. In sessions like “The Future of Healthcare IoT is State-of-the-Art” we’re looking to draw insights on how other technology leaders are building their digital therapeutics and health solutions to safely, securely, and compliantly manage patient data.


Are you showcasing a breakthrough digital health technology at CES 2019? Are you excited about the digital revolution in healthcare? Get in touch at [email protected], and let’s chat!

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