Top Digital Health Trends & Insights from CES 2018 

CES’s Annual Digital Health Summit provides a unique look at the persistent theme of how technology plays a critical role in advancing modern medicine, healthcare and wellness. Everyone from medical providers, policy makers, buyers, payers, investors, developers, and leading consumer technology companies are driving the marketplace and cross-pollinating into the Digital Health space, all with goals of trying to answer the question of how this emerging tech can sit in the middle of the physician/patient relationship and improve overall outcomes.

Among the many topics of discussion during the event, the following roundup highlights the greatest trends, insights and observations from various CES 2018 Digital Health Summit speakers and exhibitors along with a list of featured companies that are creating a meaningful impact on our healthcare ecosystem:

Voice as a Trojan Horse for Healthcare

“We cannot rely solely on bots to transform the current healthcare landscape. Rather, the power lies within the cooperative process of empowering patients to harness technology to better manage their care. Worrell is at the forefront of advancing the human/bot experience." -Derek Mathers, Director of Advanced Development, Worrell


Orbita, Inc.: Orbita’s voice-first solutions enable quick, easy development and management of intelligent voice assistants based on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other voice platforms.

Samsung’s Bixby: Designed specifically for Samsung devices, Bixby is an artificial intelligence system encompassing a range of different features, Bixby Voice, Bixby Vision, Bixby Home and Bixby Reminder, wiping out a set of previous Samsung technologies like S Voice.

Apple HomePod: It was only a matter of time until Apple released its competitor to Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa technologies. HomePod is a speaker bringing together Apple Music and Siri. It’s also an intelligent home assistant, capable of handling everyday tasks —and controlling your smart home.

Rokid: Rokid is a Chinese startup that makes AI voice assistant speakers, Rokid Pebble and Alien, and smart devices including Rokid Glass, augmented glasses, as well as an open-source platform called the Rokid Full Stack Open Platform.

Wearables 2.0

“The reality is a tracker is telling me that I haven’t taken enough steps. None of those things are really news to me. What would be helpful is to remind me that doing those things correctly will help me achieve what I want.” -Len Greer, President, Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions “Those (wearables) need to deliver more than just data, they need to deliver insights, and that’s the big shift that we’re chasing — giving people a metric, an insight so that they can then act on and hopefully lead to behavior change." -David Rhew, CMO, Samsung Electronics America


Siren: Siren smart diabetic socks monitor foot temperature and proactively help with potential diabetic foot ulcers.

Johnson & Johnson: Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions is grounded in the science of behavior change, taking a science-based, scalable approach to sustainable behavior change guided by human understanding and demonstrated through proven outcomes.

iHealth: iHealth is a creator of a population health: chronic disease management suite of connected products including blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, body analysis scales, pulse oximeters and activity and sleep trackers. iHealth’s products sync directly with a free mobile app that makes monitoring, viewing, storing and sharing of health vitals simple and comprehensive.

Qardio: Qardio is a technology company that specializes in heart health monitoring products. With Qardio, patients choose their preferred way to create a sophisticated health journal including entering blood pressure or weight data manually, transferring your data from other apps such as MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, Samsung Health or sync them automatically by using one of Qardio’s award-winning devices. Patients can also view charts, set reminders and share data with a touch of a button.

Digital Health Technologies & The Opioid Crisis


Applied VR: Applied VR is a virtual reality company that uses their technology to distract patients from their pain to reduce opioid usage.

Quell: Quell is a 100% drug free, wearable device that delivers relief from chronic pain for patients suffering from back pain, arthritic pain, nerve pain, leg and foot pain and more.

The Rise of Digital Therapeutics (DTx)


Canary Health: Canary Health provides digital health self-management programs that prevent the progression of chronic diseases including arthritis, depression, diabetes, and heart disease. Its mission is to empower people with the tools, coaching and community support to self-manage their health, enhancing their quality of life, improving health outcomes, and lowering the cost of care.

Click Therapeutics: Click Therapeutics, Inc. develops and commercializes software as prescription medical treatments. Click Therapeutics’ digital interventions enable change within individuals and can be used independently or in conjunction with biomedical treatments.

Neurotrack: Uses clinically-proven science to help patients assess and improve your memory over time. The brain health app is helping scientists unravel the mysteries of memory to find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.

AI and Machine Learning


WellDoc: WellDoc is the first digital health company based on a life science business model. It uses its BlueStar app, a diabetes partner, to provide individualized guidance for people with diabetes using technology that is based on best practices in clinical diabetes management, behavioral science, and user experience.

Deep 6 AI: Deep 6 is a fast-growing AI startup that applies artificial intelligence to medical records to find more patients for clinical trials faster, cutting patient recruitment delays significantly and getting life-saving cures to people more quickly.

Ellume Health: Ellume is a health technology company that commercializes quantum dot-based diagnostics to enable real-time detection of common conditions, such as influenza, strep throat, and chlamydia. Ellume connects the results of these medical diagnostics to digital technologies to assist in delivering convenient and accurate healthcare to consumers.

From Payment-based Healthcare, to Value-based Healthcare

“At the end of all these digital tools and all these ideas and the legislation are real people dealing with real problems and health conditions, and if you can always just remember that in the end, there is a person and they need care and help. At the same time, you can’t forget about the CFO at the other end. It’s all about ensuring that we retain the perspective of the humanity and the compassion that is needed in healthcare as we build solutions and legislation around it to optimize patients overall.” -Reena L. Pande, MD, CMO, Ableto Inc.


AbleTo: AbleTo provides personalized programs delivered by licensed, therapists/coaches to help people regain balance in their emotional health & well-being.

ODH, Inc.: ODH is a provider of innovative data analytics solutions that aspires to leverage technology and clinical expertise to transform the delivery and economics of behavioral healthcare. Its data model is integrative, offering customized views derived from behavioral health, physical health, and pharmacy data, as well as social determinants data. It features member, quality, clinical, financial, and risk data across the healthcare ecosystem.

At Worrell, our team combines deep expertise in disease management and our visibility into the full patient picture to observe behaviors, define behaviors and integrate user needs into new, personalized digital solutions that provide clinical value and improve outcomes. We invite you to meet with us to learn more about our capabilities in building custom digital health solutions and how they can be used within your programs.

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