Bringing Next Generation Design Concepts to Life

Prototyping is an essential part of bringing any pharmaceutical product or medical device to market. Worrell’s prototyping specialists work collaboratively with designers and human factors engineers to help our partners see, touch, and test the future of their product.

Creative Prototyping

Our prototyping specialists are seasoned creative problem solvers that can provide design and fabrication for a variety of prototyping needs. From simulating human tissues to complex mechanical assemblies, we take ownership of a prototyping problem, designing and fabricating creative solutions to technical challenges as they arise.

Rapid + Efficient

Every fabrication technique comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. While we leverage the latest in both additive manufacturing and CNC technologies, our prototyping specialists know when and how to apply them appropriately to keep our partners’ costs down and projects on track.


Our prototyping specialists are experts in creating prototypes of all fidelities. From form models to fully functional devices, we keep products moving through the development process with prototypes that answer key questions at every phase.


CNC Machining
In-house 3D Printing (FDM, Polyjet, SLA)
Electro-Mechanical Assembly
Casting & RTV Molding
Painting & Special Finishes