Extended Reality

Designing the Future of Healthcare

Patients and providers are no longer constrained by their physical environments. Extended Reality (XR) is eliminating the barriers of time and space, connecting people, places, and information like never before. At Worrell we’re helping our partners explore the extended reality technologies that are driving transformation in healthcare delivery.


Extended reality allows us to engage patients in ways we’ve never seen before. We help our partners evaluate opportunities to truly improve healthcare experiences and outcomes through these emerging technologies. By listening to our partners and understanding their challenges and goals, we build strategies for designing, building, and deploying extended reality solutions.


Our software development team works alongside UX and interaction designers to develop virtual experiences that provide real value to the end user. From virtual assistants on Google Home and Amazon Alexa, to Hololens-enabled operating rooms, we help our partners design and build applications across all major extended reality platforms. (See Key Capabilities below for our full list of platform proficiencies).


Not only do we define, design, and build extended reality solutions, we also help our partners validate their efficacy in the field. Our technologists are experienced in the contextual and observational research methods that allow us to evaluate the efficacy of solutions we develop and ensure that iterations of our partners’ new technology continue to add value.


Magic Leap
HTC Vive
Microsoft Hololens
Oculus Rift
Google Home
Amazon Alexa
Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure
Unity VR