Digital Solutions

Evolving Care Delivery + Management

The modern healthcare consumer lives in a digital world, and we help our partners meet them there. Integrated digital tools are transforming the way healthcare professionals communicate, utilize data, and connect with patients. We help our partners understand the digital technologies that enhance the patient experience, improve internal workflows, and securely manage personal health information.


We help our partners identify and evaluate opportunities to improve their existing services and products with digital technology. From mobile health applications to extended reality solutions, we work with our partners to identify the right digital tools for their unique healthcare needs.


Collecting, storing, and analyzing data from the digital technologies that are in constant contact with the healthcare consumer enables us to move faster from questions to answers and increase the pace of responsible innovation. We’re applying voice and mobile technologies to help our partners step inside the daily lives of patients in a non-invasive, highly-efficient way.


We help our partners produce a detailed vision of their future. Connecting research, technology, and design, we deliver strategies and plans for developing and integrating business-transforming digital tools. 


Technology Scouting
Digital Prototyping
User-Feedback Testing

Digitally Enabled Studies
Device Integrations
Digital Concept Development