Design Engineering

Technical Solutions to Support Human Needs

Our design engineers work collaboratively across research, concept development, and human factors to incorporate insights from every stage of the product development process and devise technical solutions with the end user in mind. While any engineering firm can take your device from “concept to commercialization”, Worrell is uniquely suited help our partners solve their most challenging device engineering problems.


We engineer products with manufacturing intent in mind from the beginning. Our design engineers understand the primary drivers associated with producing devices in all ranges of volumes. Whether machined, injection molded, or 3D printed, we select processes and design products that meet the unique needs of our partners.


We understand the complex regulatory pathways that medical devices and combination products face when going to market. Applying our human factors expertise throughout the development phase of your product allows us to engineer technical solutions that streamline the regulatory process, reducing time-to-market.


When necessary, our team can quickly adapt to working within the protocols and procedural best practices of our partner’s internal engineering teams. We integrate seamlessly to reduce friction and knowledge loss at the completion of your project.


System Feasibility Analysis
Functional Prototype Development
Complex Mechanism Design
Program Management & Planning
Interfacing with Electrical Systems