Q+A with Josh Parks, Senior Model Maker

Josh Parks grew up on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. From an early age, Josh was interested in design – a passion which eventually led him to Bemidji State University, earning one of the few available four-year degrees in Design Model Making. When he’s not working as a Senior Model Maker at Worrell, Josh enjoys his time with family and friends, globetrotting and spending time outdoors.


What is the best thing you’ve ever made?
Being a model maker, this is a hard question for me to answer; it seems like every product that comes my way immediately becomes my new favorite project. That said, I’ve enjoyed creating a variety of different products – from intricate medical devices to a large, full-scale replica of a battleship gun turret.

What books can we find on your bookshelf?
I am a father to a toddler and a newborn, so at the moment, I have quite the collection of Dr. Seuss and Disney Children’s books. When I’m not reading to my daughters, I really enjoy anything written by Vince Flynn or Stephen King.

What is something outside of work in which you consider yourself an expert?
Being a Dad! I think I have this one in the bag. Sure many parents are capable of building things for their children, but not like I can. I apply my craft at home, building structures for my daughters that take fun and aesthetics to a new level.

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