Q+A with Brian Hammond on the Last 20 Years with Worrell

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Some say “goodbye” while others say “see you later.” With Brian Hammond – Worrell’s longstanding model maker – we know it will be the latter. But before he goes, we asked him to reflect on his work, and the company, from the past 20 years.

What drew you to Worrell?
I was introduced to Worrell from a fellow classmate at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. We were Industrial Design majors together, and he was working as a model maker for the firm.

I was originally a Fine Arts major, but saw an opportunity to put my creativity to work in a field that could support a family. It was a perfect fit, having been trained as a designer, but possessing sculpting skills to take the concepts beyond a sketch.

What have you seen change in the 20 years you have been with the company?
In the early years, I spent much of my time hand sculpting and RTV molding. When we moved offices from Eden Prairie to Minneapolis we added CNC and 3D printing capabilities. Since then, nearly everything I’ve worked on has involved one, or both, of those machines.

The output of my work has also changed. Before our designers had access to CAD, we used to make models from sketches. Now, the detail that we are able to accomplish is far greater and we’re able to produce things much faster, thanks to the definition of the models coming from our designers.

What will you remember most about your time with Worrell?
I’ve had the pleasure of working on some very innovative projects and with some of the world’s leading companies. The Bracco cart was a challenging end-to-end build, starting with a hand-fabricated mock-up to a fully functional medical device. I’ll also remember the concept prototypes we created for Toro’s next generation consumer line; it was a lot of fun to turn those designs into something that looked and felt real.

But most importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many very talented people. I’ve heard a quote saying that your work is 50% about what you produce and 50% about the people. In my time with Worrell, I’ve experienced incredible compassion [in large part from SueAnn], witnessed Kai grow into a confident leader and found a friend, mentor and father in our founder, Bob. It’s in these relationships and others that I will look back in fondness.

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