Q+A on Mobile Apps with Kristin Shardlow

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What excites you the most about mobile app development?
Kristin: Things are moving really quickly in the mobile health space, and it’s an exciting challenge to be part of imagining how mobile apps should impact healthcare. I’m personally energized about the opportunity to focus on wellness. The healthcare industry and much of Worrell’s work has traditionally emphasized disease diagnosis and treatment, but we now have a huge opportunity to also focus on prevention, along with innovative ways to deliver care for chronic conditions.

Where do you get your design inspiration for medical applications?
Kristin: I think it’s our personal experience with non-medical consumer technology, including mobile apps, which has the biggest impact on our design work. Think about it: patients are consumers of healthcare. In other words, the people that use medical devices and mobile health apps are just like you and me. They interact with common interfaces like smartphones and tablets on a daily basis. Our end goal is to apply this kind of beautiful and intuitive design to mobile health apps.

Is mobile app development any different than developing user experiences for other screens?
Kristin: All of the research and immersion in clinical settings that we’ve done informs us of the unmet needs and preferences of patients and healthcare providers, making it easier for us to design and develop interfaces with Human Factors and FDA compliance in mind. That said, good design applies regardless of the platform or device. The only difference is with the proliferation of mobile technology we have a host of new platforms and devices in which to apply these proven design solutions, ultimately improving health outcomes, while reducing costs.

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