Worrell Trends Report 2020


The inaugural Worrell Trends report comes late in a year replete with upheaval and change. We are no longer strangers to the new ways of living and working that 2020 has necessitated. At our headquarters in Minneapolis and globally, we are also broadening our awareness of latent injustice laid bare in this moment. We have found ourselves turning inward to examine our design practice, and turning outward to look for inspiration across the healthcare, tech, and design spaces. 

In crafting these articles, the theme that has emerged is the co-production of the healthcare journey by all stakeholders, and the careful orchestration of different types of moments throughout that journey to create meaning, transformation, and equity. 

Worrell Trends Report 2020

Explore the full report covering five areas where we see movement and innovation across the healthcare landscape

It barely warrants mentioning that this Trends Report, focused on design and healthcare, is a small whisper in a time of blaring considerations. As to the timeline, the trends were not specifically informed by the fundamental concerns of the past few months. However, we have added comment and context where appropriate, and hope the themes and ideas collected here will connect and inspire us as humans to continue to evolve and innovate within healthcare as they are anchored in our work and passion.  

In this report, members of the Service and Experience Design team will share some of the areas where we see movement and innovation this year. The topics we explore in these articles surfaced during our primary and secondary research — that is, in our conversations with patients and stakeholders across the healthcare landscape — and throughout our additional reading and learning.

Our goal with these articles is not to predict with authority the factors for success in the areas we discuss. Instead, we hope to provoke introspection and discussion for design teams, change managers, and others steeped in opportunities to improve the patient and provider experience. You’ll find questions for reflection at the end of each article, designed to help readers point to chinks of light or areas of investigation within their spheres of influence. 

As we undertake the planning and creation of our first Trends report, we are indebted for inspiration to giants of the design world who track and write about trends: Fjord Design, Frog Design, and IDEO, to name a few. A selection of other readings that energized our thoughts and work this year can be found in the Bibliography. 

In the Report

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Meeting Diverse, multigenerational patients with person-centered care

A Vision for Physician Training

Contextual, customized learning pathways in a value-based future

Healthcare Ventures into Living Services

Non-traditional players lead with data and relationships

Digital Twins

A virtual mirror for healthcare delivery and personalized medicine

Shifting Expectations

Services, experiences, and transformations built for and around patients