Engaging Patients + Improving Outcomes with Service Design


The challenges currently facing our healthcare system are too complex to be solved with just another widget. Today’s best healthcare innovations combine new technologies with age-old tools, like networks and relationships, to solve the most difficult problems. Case-in-point, meet City Health Works (CHW), an NYC-based organization implementing novel service design to improve the patient experience of those who are suffering from chronic diseases.

Half of all healthcare spending goes to 5% of the chronic care population. Frustrated with this statistic, Manmeet Kaur created City Health Works, a community health organization that bridges the gap between the doctor’s office and the everyday lives of patients diagnosed with life-threatening chronic illnesses. In CHW’s novel service model, patients facing complex medical, socio-economic and cultural barriers – like Isabella De La Rosa – are paired with personal health coaches and guided through what feels like a maze ongoing care, with incredible results. Read on as we highlight Isabel’s journey working with CHW’s innovative care approach.