Emergency Digital Health Development in Response to COVID-19



At this moment across the world thousands of physicians, clinical specialists, and healthcare administrators are working to pivot their practices in response to COVID-19. They are doing this by serving their patients at home, rescheduling visits, procedures and much more. We at Worrell are seeing our medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology clients do their best to support this rapid change and help their customers maintain access to needed devices, supplies, therapies, and healthcare services.

There is explosive growth in telemedicine and digital health occurring right now

Worrell has a large network of digital “front door” partners reporting dramatic increases in utilization:

Zipnosis the leader in telehealth was up 8600% in a single day last week.  Zipnosis is providing COVID-19 screening and redirecting in-person clinical encounters to their digital front door, enabling patients to receive primary care without leaving their home.

Geneva Healthcare the leader in cardiac remote monitoring has enrollment driving up exponentially as Heart Rhythm Society recommends all cardiology clinics replace in-office device checks with remote monitoring. The result: approximately 50% of the entire cardiac device patient population migrating to remote monitoring services effective immediately.

VidScrip is experiencing 40x daily traffic increase as it enables healthcare providers to communicate with their patients with high personal touch education at scale. 

PerfectServe currently enables 15 million patient to HCP text messages per year and are now on track to provide over 30 million messages as demand shifts to mobile messaging.

Worrell’s 30-Day Emergency Digital Sprints

Worrell has assembled our internal digital and design teams, external project managers with digital health expertise, software development resources, and our long list of digital health technology partners from around the world to help our clients stand up their digital capabilities with urgency.

We are offering 30-day digital sprints to take you from your challenge to a minimum viable product or prototype using these resources.  Worrell will quickly generate feasible digital concepts to serve your emergent needs by combining existing technologies, known digital health platforms, and quick UX and digital integrations to develop prototypes rapidly.

Example solution areas could include:

  • Digital Front Door and Telehealth
  • Mental Health for Patients, Front Line Healthcare Workers, Field Clinical Representatives
  • Virtual Surgical Prehabilitation/Rehabilitation
  • Virtual Pharmacy
  • Aging in Place – Remote Monitoring or IOT Solutions
  • Patient and HCP Virtual Educational Platforms
  • Telesurgery and Virtual Proctoring

Engagements for repeat clients and those with existing Master Services Agreements with Worrell are being prioritized.  


For inquiries please contact:

USA – Brandon Bogdalek ([email protected])

Europe – Matt Gottschalk ([email protected])

China – Shirley Liu ([email protected])