Medical Device

Next-Generation Interventional and Diagnostic Technologies

In order to deliver better care, patients and physicians deserve and expect better tools. Through thoughtful observation and in-depth clinical immersion, we gain an understanding of users’ needs and work alongside them to explore new product opportunities that save time, reduce errors and are validated through iterative rounds of development and testing.

Clinical Ethnography

Worrell's Research and Industrial Design teams embed on the front lines of healthcare facilities and gather first-hand observations and rich documentation through multi-camera angle studies, immersive 360 degree video and deep task flow analysis to drive design ideas and intelligently evaluate trade-offs.

Access to Healthcare Facilities

Worrell has developed a robust database and set of relationships with providers in the US and internationally. Our team has been credentialed in vendor tracking softwares, trained in OR procedures, safety protocols, sterile practices, ethics and more. Worrell specializes in gaining access to ORs, ERs, cath labs, imaging centers, care floors and outpatient centers, becoming educated on the relevant clinical procedures and their impact on the healthcare ecosystem.

Design, Testing, and Development

Worrell’s cross functional team utilizes study findings to inform design specifications, human factors risks, invivo and invitro testing models, and create regulatory strategies. Our development team works within an FDA compliant quality system to bring next-generation design concepts through rigorous testing into a well documented registration with health authorities across the world.

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