Healthcare Strategy

Innovative Service Solutions to Create Better Health Outcomes

The challenges currently facing our healthcare system often overshadow the opportunities within. While all sectors share the same goal of providing the best care, each hold varying values and points of view. In order to meet that shared goal, we foster an ecosystem view to improve outcomes for all stakeholders.

Using unconventional research methods, we identify opportunities for a more efficient and effective healthcare landscape, and create care pathways using a human-centered design approach. We then generate service solutions and the technology platforms necessary to support them.


Clinicians Shadowed
Hospitals Visited
Patients & Caregivers Studied
Countries Visited
Value-Based Healthcare Strategy

Each of our programs begin with an ecosystem point-of-view that prioritizes clinical outcomes, workflow optimization, health economic impacts, regulatory impacts, and patient experience.

Longitudinal Patient Studies

Utilizing ethnographic methods, we conduct longitudinal home-based studies to discover unmet needs of patients and caregivers and understand their interactions with the healthcare system, hidden motivations and fears, tactics used to manage disease, and to capture the fine details of their lives that are routinely missed in traditional research.

Service Model Design

Our approach to healthcare service design combines a holistic, human-centered understanding of the care journey, along with the design expertise necessary to optimize the quality of interactions for all stakeholders, from end-to-end and surface to core.

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