Digital Health

Putting Patients in Control of Their Own Health

Whether focused on making life easier for people struggling with chronic conditions or those striving for a healthy lifestyle, we must design for each patient and the reality of the environment in which they live. We combine our deep expertise in disease management and our visibility into the full patient picture to observe behaviors, define behaviors and integrate user needs into new, personalized digital solutions that provide clinical value, lead to greater independence and improve health outcomes.

Consumer Health Design

Drawing on four decades of design expertise, we blend consumer grade hardware and digital interactions with clinical objectives. Worrell’s team has created expertise in patient engagement through a process of investigating behaviors and motivations. We couple those insights with iterative design and prototyping and the inclusion of next-generation hardware and software platforms including wearables, mobile applications, virtual and augmented reality, and conversational user interfaces.

Technology Enabled Service Models

Worrell has experience designing interfaces and service models that leverage health data and other resources to impact clinical outcomes. We look for unique data sets that can be used to generate insights and shift labor away from specialists and overworked HCPs, so that decisions and interventions can occur more rapidly.

Pilot Studies

We leverage research findings to design study protocols to evaluate patient engagement and clinical and economic impacts of a new service model. We then recruit and partner with healthcare provider institutions as well as enroll patient populations to execute these studies.

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