Research, design and development of DocBox by Worrell. Research, design and development of DocBox by Worrell.

Insights From the ER

At Worrell, our passion for healthcare leads us to design for a patient-centric future. We set out to explore the extremes of emergency medicine in order to learn more about the provision of care in that dynamic environment. Our goal was to re-imagine how that system of emergency care might be impacted by design, advancements in health information technology, and wireless technology.

Instead, we found a shift in our thinking in what it truly means to be patient-centric. In trauma cases, care is delivered solely on behalf of the patient. Care is well coordinated, rapid, and driven by established protocols. These principles of trauma care inspired us to ask the question, if these principles were applied to general medicine, how could the system work better on behalf of the patient? This video documents our exploration of one potential care model for a patient centric future.

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