Disruption is Coming: Top Trends and Predictions from Exponential Medicine 2016

Earlier this month, Worrell joined some of the world’s top leaders in medicine, technology and innovation at Singularity University’s renowned Exponential Medicine Conference. During this four-day long “meeting of the minds,” thought leaders shared their perspectives on how medicine can be reshaped and reimagined. The following collection highlights the greatest predictions and observations from various conference speakers, along with a list of featured companies that are in the process of creating a meaningful impact on our healthcare ecosystem.


Artificial Intelligence


X2AI: X2AI uses Tess, a psychological AI, to administer highly personalized psychotherapy, psycho-education and health-related reminders on-demand.

Mindshare Med: Mindshare Medical is an evidence-based clinical decision support technology. Its solution provides personalized diagnostics and guidance on the effectiveness of follow-up procedures and treatments to improve the quality of patient care.

Insilico Medicine: Insilico is a company dedicated to finding novel solutions for aging and age-related diseases, using advances in big data analysis.




myGenome: myGenome is an educational application that enables users to explore variation in the human genome, with results displayed in a graphically accessible format.

Orig3n: Orig3n is a biotechnology company developing breakthrough treatments for rare genetically inherited diseases.

23andme: 23andme created a home-based saliva collection kit that allows the patient to mail their DNA into a lab, in exchange for an online DNA report just 6-8 weeks later.




Pepper: Designed by Softbank Robotics, Pepper is the first humanoid robot capable of recognizing human emotions and adapting his behavior to best suit the mood of his interlocutor.

Verb: Verb Surgical, Inc., formed by Google and Johnson & Johnson, is a medical device company dedicated to creating robotic-assisted surgical products.  

Human Extensions: Human Extensions is an ergonomic, bionic surgical glove designed as a robotized brain to enable smooth and precise movements.


Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)


Medical Realities: By using consumer-level virtual reality devices, Medical Realities can reduce the cost of training, reach a wider audience and provide a completely safe learning environment for medical students.

Osso VR: Osso VR uses virtual reality to revolutionize the way surgeons are trained in the use of surgical devices and implants with a low-cost, fully immersive surgical simulator.

Applied VR: AppliedVR provides a mobile, user-friendly, platform that offers patients drug-free alternatives for managing pain and anxiety associated with medical procedures.


Digital Health

PillCam: This system enables direct visualization of the small bowel with a capsule endoscopy procedure, supporting early detection of Crohn’s disease

Profusa: Profusa’s technology enables the development of bioengineered sensors that become one with the body to detect and continuously transmit actionable, medical-grade data for personal and medical use.

Catalia Health: Catalia’s platform tailors conversations to each patient to obtain the hard-to-get data about treatment, challenges and outcomes.


Personalized Medicine


uBiome: uBiome is a microbiome sequencing service that provides information and tools for patients to explore the populations of bacteria that live on and inside the body.

Health Nucleus:  Health Nucleus is a research-based genomic enhanced health program devoted to exploring, quantifying and understanding health and disease risk.

Mio: Mio’s wearable devices allow you to track your body’s response to exercise so that you can get the most out of your workout.


Healthcare 2.0


Open Notes: OpenNotes is a national initiative working to give patients access to the visit notes written by their doctors, nurses or other clinicians to create partnerships toward better health and healthcare.

ZipDrug: ZipDrug is an on-demand prescription drug delivery service that provides patients with their medication with a push of a button.

CHOC Children’s: CHOC Children’s is a unique and first-of-its-kind institute that creates, focuses and executes projects in the areas of intelligence and innovation in pediatric medicine.


Alternative Medicine


The Daniel Plan: The Daniel Plan is a health and wellness program that teaches a step-by-step approach to incorporating better choices in your current lifestyle.

Ginger.io: Ginger is a mental healthcare provider app that uses data to understand individuals’ lives and adapt treatment.

Dance4healing: Dance4Healing uses AI and behavior design to build an empathetic ecosystem to unleash the healing power of music and dance.




Pager: With the click of a button, patients are provided better tools and more access to high quality care, straight to their home.

Gale: Gale is a smart, remote health care center that provides users with the knowhow to act in medical situations by guiding them through the steps for proper care as well as how to use the available tools and supplies.

Lark: Lark is an automated health coach that allows users to text or speak to the personal assistant and receive feedback on exercise, sleep and eating habits.




Hackerone: HackerOne provides a platform designed to streamline vulnerability coordination and bug bounty program by enlisting hackers to improve your company’s security.

Bugcrowd: By incentivizing security testers to report vulnerabilities in applications, Bugcrowd’s crowdsourced community of researchers bring extensive testing coverage.

Virtue Security: Virtue Security is an innovative ethical hacking team devoted to application security.

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