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How did you end up at Worrell China? What were you doing before Worrell?
After graduating in Industrial Design at the University of Pforzheim in 2009 I worked in Germany until I went to China in 2011. Before I started to work at Worrell I worked for different design agencies and start-ups full time and as a freelancer. During this period, I met Benoît Vitoux through mutual friends. He was the design manager at the Shanghai office at that time and he told me about Worrell and our design process which got me interested.

What about design do you love most? What is your favorite part of the design process?
I like the diversity of design. Design has many different facets; From research and observation, where we gain insights that help us to understand user needs and discover new opportunities, to developing ideas and concepts to solve existing problems or open new paths. It combines an ethnographic as well as a technical and an aesthetic understanding of our environment and aims to make our lives better.
All parts of the design process are interesting for me, from the beginning when we start with an idea or just some abstract thoughts and then develop tangible concepts which will evolve to finished products. It’s fascinating to start with an empty page and bringing something new to life. I’m especially interested in the early stages – research, ideation, concept development, sketching, CAD modeling and user testing.

When did you know that you wanted to pursue design as a career?
As a child, at the age of 10 I knew that I would like to work in the design field. At that time I wanted to become a graphic designer, later I became interested in architectural design, until I discovered industrial design after graduating from high school. When I learned about industrial design it was clear to me: That’s what I want to do!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Where do you find yourself on the Weekend?
Outside of work I enjoy doing a lot of outdoor activities like downhill skateboarding, surfing, climbing and mountain biking. For these activities I usually go out of Shanghai on the weekends with a group of friends and we travel to some nearby places (mountains and beaches). There we stay in small villages at local farmers’ places, enjoy the nature and the tasty food. It’s a great retreat from the vibrant megacity Shanghai and helps me to see the Chinese culture from a different point of view. On the other weekends when I stay in Shanghai I like to meet up with friends, do some screen printing at a friends’ studio, work on personal projects, visit exhibitions or just roaming through the city. I also like to take photos of whatever crosses my path and catches my eye.

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