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What is Design Camp?

Design Camp is a 3 day workshop that that invites children, ages 13-17, to learn and practice the design process. Using the same co-creation strategies that we apply with our clients and partners, we challenge our campers to design solutions to real problems.

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Day 1  |  Research
On the first day, campers are taught the fundamentals of research. They receive instruction on how to ask the right questions, and apply empathy to understand a user. Then they are broken up in to teams and given a problem that they will solve over the course of the next two days. Today is the day for exploration and ideation. Nothing is off the table, and all ideas are treated with respect and consideration.

Day 2  |  Design
On day two, our campers are taught how to get their ideas out on paper, and begin refining them. They receive instruction on basic design principles, sketching, and design blueprinting. Today they will map user journeys and apply their insights from day one to create design concepts that solve their problem statement.

Day 3  |  Prototyping
Today we build and test our designs. The campers receive instruction on building a test plan, and are provided with materials to create a prototype that answers a question. They then present their research, design concepts, and prototype to their peers and parents. How does the product, service, or experience that they designed solve the original problem? What insights did they gain through their tests, and how would they refine version two?

Why Host Design Camp?

As we reflected on our own careers, we began to see a trend. Most of our design staff didn’t learn about a professional path for this passion until their college years, or later. Part of our mission with Design Camp is to make that connection earlier for the campers. Our goal is to not only teach them the process, but show them that design is more than a hobby, it’s a process for solving real problems and improving our world.

Every year we receive countless requests from our friends and partners, to allow their children to shadow our design team. Parents want their kids to be exposed to that form of problem solving.

We see it as our responsibility to pay forward what our mentors and teachers gave to us. Design Camp was created to make design, as a career, more accessible to a wider audience of youth.

Dates have been set for Design Camp 2019: June 19th-21st
Enrollment is open now! Register here!

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