Clinical Advisory Board

Unparalleled Expertise

Our close partnership with the members of the Clinical Advisory Board enhances our access to care centers and key research populations. Members of the Worrell Clinical Advisory Board are active practitioners and world-renowned experts on the most pressing issues in healthcare. Their expertise includes artificial intelligence, emergency medicine technology, genetic therapy, value-based care, and much more. The Board members partner with Worrell to learn from our latest innovations and to share their expertise.

Meet the Board
Dr. Ted Chan
M.D. | UC San Diego
Dr. Chan is a world leader in healthcare technology and innovation. He has been an advocate of Worrell’s research and design for many years. He partners with Dr. Killeen on many of the projects that are transforming the quality of emergency medical care around the world. He currently focuses on how to advance value-based care to meet the needs of the growing geriatric population in America. His ideas have led to meaningful results for an incredible amount of people due to his ability to develop partnerships with many local, state, and federal agencies, and his success winning funding from the NIH, HRSA, NSF, and many more.
Dr. Warren Ellsworth
M.D. | Houston Methodist
Dr. Ellsworth is committed to improving people’s lives through plastic surgery. As the medical director of the plastic and reconstructive surgery program at Houston Methodist and owner of his own practice, he uses his expertise in reconstructive surgery and microsurgery to transform the lives of his patients. He shares his expertise with the world by prolifically publishing his latest research in academic journals. Dr. Ellsworth has been appointed to many leadership positions within the field of plastic surgery. He currently serves as a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.
Dr. Daniel Hashimoto
M.D., M.S. | Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University
Dr. Hashimoto is transforming the world of surgery. Instead of building walls to protect his position as the winner of the American College of Surgeon’s TOP GUN Laparoscopic skills competition, he is working to break the barriers that make surgical expertise a scarcity. He is committed to advancing the idea of a ‘Collective Surgical Consciousness’ where data from every surgery is collected and distributed to surgeons everywhere. To start making this vision a reality, he has co-founded the Harvard Surgical Program in Innovation and the Surgical Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital. He has also partnered with the MIT distributed robotics lab to build an AI system capable of real-time analysis of surgical techniques and outcomes.
Dr. Jacob Hutchins
M.D. | University of Minnesota
Dr. Hutchins is a leader in pain reduction research. His research has paved the way for the FDA approval of new, cutting edge pain-reducing pharmaceuticals. As the Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer of the University of Minnesota Health Ambulatory Surgery Center he oversees the clinical, operational, and financial strategy of a high performing academic, outpatient surgery center. He specializes in opioid reduction, acute pain, regional anesthesia, and ambulatory anesthesia. Mpls. St. Paul Magazine has recognized Dr. Hutchins as a “Top Doctor – Rising Star” in 2017, 2018, and 2019. As an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, he also teaches at the University of Minnesota Medical School.
Dr. James Killeen
M.D. | UC San Diego
Dr. Killeen is a world leader in healthcare innovation and technology, and (along with Dr. Ted Chan) has been a long-time friend and collaborator with Worrell. He has helped facilitate Worrell’s access to UCSD for many research projects and was a key advisor and supporter of Geneva Health Solutions, the startup successfully launched out of Worrell. Dr. Killeen’s research, creativity, and ability to secure large grants has led to the creation of many technology systems, such as drones that fly blood samples between hospitals, that have improved the quality of healthcare for the San Diego region
Dr. Joseph Lillegard
M.D., PH.D. | Mayo Clinic, Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
With his work at Mayo Clinic and Children’s Minnesota, Dr. Lillegard is leading the way in ex-vivo and in-utero cell and gene correction strategies. He has an extensive research background, having earned an MD and a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Nevada. As the Research Director of the Midwest Fetal Care Center at Children’s Minnesota, his genetics research is paving the way for new understandings of how to treat congenital diseases in babies before they are even born. He puts his research into action by regularly conducting some of the most complex surgeries in healthcare as a pediatric general and thoracic surgeon at Children’s Minnesota.
Dr. Chris Steel
M.D. | White River Medical System
Dr. Steel is an experienced anesthesiologist, hospital leader, and expert on the economics of value-based healthcare and rural medicine. He has a true passion and enthusiasm for research and innovation. He once described his participation in a Worrell co-creation as, “One of the most fun days of my life.” His work as the Chief of Staff and Chief Quality Officer at White River Medical Center led to the facility being named as one of the Top 100 Rural & Community Hospitals in America by the Chartis Center for Rural Health. He is dedicated to aligning the incentives of administrators, physicians and patients, and advocates for progressive models of care that can be customized to meet the unique needs of each patient.
Qui Vo, RN
RN | Hayes Valley Surgery Center
Qui Vo, RN is a nursing director with experience supporting a wide variety of surgeries. His close contact with patients, empathetic style of caring, and fourteen years of experience has led to his expert understanding of the current state of the patient experience in the operating room and how it can be improved. At the Hayes Valley Surgery Center in San Francisco, California he currently is involved with plastic, urological, podiatry, and orthopedic surgeries. Having worked in both county hospitals and upscale surgery centers, Qui possesses a unique perspective about the differences in patient experiences within the healthcare system.