Worrell Design China Office

Healthcare innovation and design for emerging markets

In 2007, Worrell established its China office to bring world-class user-centered design services to companies developing tailored medical device and healthcare innovation solutions for emerging markets. With each project, the Worrell China team modifies proven design techniques to produce solutions based on the unique needs of each clinical environment, device and culture.

Skills & Capabilites

Emerging market design requires a rich understanding of the needs and behaviors unique to each region. Worrell China’s Ethnographic Research capability begins by building empathy via immersive interviews and clinical observation, exposing a desired group of stakeholders’ needs, wants and limitations.

From there, design concepts – in the form of sketches, renders, user interface mockups and/or low fidelity prototypes – are produced to elicit feedback on proposed design solutions. The leading concepts are further developed and prepared for regulatory and commercialization pathways.

Key Activities

Research & Strategy


Design Research & Strategy

Co-Creation & Visualization

Concept Testing

Design Engineering

Industrial Design (ID)

User Experience Design (UX)

Design Language

Rapid Prototyping

Feasibility Engineering

Design Engineering

Transfer to Manufacturing

Human Factors Engineering

Preliminary Analysis

Formative Testing

Summative Testing

Relevant Experience

Our work has included observations in cardiac, colorectal, thoracic, ENT surgeries and more, in rural and high-volume medical centers around the world. We’ve supported the design and development of surgical instruments, catheter systems and ablation generators; we’ve also explored novel designs for new medical facilities, user interfaces and patient workflows.

The following shows the depth of Worrell China’s experience in supporting the world’s top healthcare innovators in the new and emerging medical markets that represent the greatest opportunities for improving lives globally.

Relevant Experience

Category Experience


Cardiac Surgery

Colorectal Surgery


Diabetes Management

ENT Surgery

ESRD - Peritoneal Dialysis

General Surgery

Heart Failure Management

Hernia Repair

Interventional Cardiology

IV Therapy




Sports Medicine (Soft Tissue Repair)

Thoracic Surgery

Vascular Therapy

Wound Care

Wound Closure

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