Galil Medical

Advancing Cryotherapy Through Iterative Design

Skills Used
Engineering, Industrial Design, Prototyping

Galil Medical is a global leader in innovative Cyrotherapy systems, a minimally invasive ablation technique widely used to treat prostate cancer, kidney cancer as well as to manage patients’ pain. After reengineering the internal components for its prostate ablation system (Visual-ICE), Galil approached Worrell to develop a new aesthetic design to accompany the updated electronics.

Our Approach

Worrell’s Industrial Design team began by conducting a preliminary engineering assessment to gain a comprehensive understanding of the updated technology. This information, combined with what was learned by reviewing the user requirements via an evaluation of a predicate product, informed a new design direction.

Worrell’s first round of concepts were produced, offering Galil Medical a spectrum of design solutions – from something familiar to concepts that pushed the boundaries of what their customers would be expecting. The leading concept was then converted into 3D foam models to evaluate ergonomic considerations.

Key Activities

Conceptual Ideation

Design Refinement


3D Modeling

Ergonomic Refinement Considerations

Usability Analysis

Colors, Materials & Finishes Specifications (CMF)



The Worrell team provided a fully refined concept for the next-generation Visual-ICE system, matching the design and engineering criteria provided by the client.

Today, the Visual-ICE® Cryoablation System is one of the most technologically advanced systems in the marketplace, with intuitive operation, advanced controls and certification for electrical safety. There have been over 200,000 Visual-ICE procedures performed around the world; the cryoablation systems are used in academic centers, research study sites, community hospitals and clinics worldwide.


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