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Empowering Patients to Manage Their Care

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Research & Strategy, User Experience & Interface Design, Extended Reality

Today, patients feel corralled through the healthcare system and want more control in designing their care experience. Existing consumer tools for buying health plans seem to focus on pre-formulated buckets of benefits, but many are left over or under insured in key areas that really matter.

Worrell engaged with a large health insurance company and explored how to inspire consumers to take ownership of their health through “Do It Yourself” (DIY) mindsets, tools and ecosystems.

The project began by us asking “how much control are patients willing to take in managing their own healthcare?” And “how much are physicians willing to hand over?” We hypothesized that the more personalized medicine services offered to consumers, the more opportunities for success.

We focused on serving the chronic and event-driven populations because they have specific pressing needs that can be addressed immediately with DIY tools.  We interviewed stakeholders: 27 consumers (DIY enthusiasts + chronic disease, major medical event, or active in preventative health), 3 providers (a general practitioner, endocrinologist, and an oncologist), and 15 health insurance stakeholders.

Healthcare Research Process

From our research, we were able to uncover that DIY consumers value the opportunity to be creative and customize the world around them, as well as feel immense satisfaction and value when sharing their accomplishments with fellow peers. Taking those insights, we created a DIY care scenario that gives health plan buyers an end-to-end experience-allowing them to establish personal preferences, solicit bids from interested providers, schedule procedures and share in the potential savings.

Flex Healthcare Management Tablet App

We also learned that newly diagnosed patients often feel that they don’t have someone to turn to for questions about managing their conditions. We designed a peer-mentoring model, or a matchmaking and content platform, that facilitates patient connections and consumer coach training to improve patient experience and care outcomes.  It taps latent talent –patients that have learned over time to manage their chronic condition –to complement providers in boosting treatment adherence for newly diagnosed patients.

Peer Mentoring Concept 1


The result was a detailed plan outlining our design concepts that helped our client make more strategic choices with the consumer in mind- with potential to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and humanized.

Peer Mentoring Concept 1
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