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Laryngoscopes are essential tools used in tracheal intubations around the world. There are two primary types of laryngoscopes: direct (DLs) and video (VLs). DLs offer no visual, other than what the physician can see with his/her own eyes. VLs, however, provide a live-video feed to aid the doctor during airway operations.

Medtronic’s Covidien group approached Worrell’s Research and Strategy team to collaborate on an ethnographic research study to achieve their goal of uncovering innovative OR storage opportunities for its McGRATH MAC device– a compact, cable-free VL device that combines the benefits of both direct laryngoscopy (DL) and video laryngoscopy (VL)–to ultimately help increase sales and adoption of the feature-rich laryngoscope.


Our Approach

We started by extensively reviewing literature and clinical and editorial articles regarding laryngoscopes and airway operations. After gaining context from our first stage of research, we then gathered feedback on laryngoscope use and discovered needs and insights around intubations through in-person interactions with anesthesia providers.

Based on our insights gathered in the field, Worrell learned from interviews that a lack of storage was not the central issue contributing to the adoption rate of the McGRATH MAC. Our team uncovered a better understanding around the factors that lead to the adoption–or lack of adoption–of a new surgical device. A key takeaway from our field research was that interview participants reported they felt “comfortable” with their current DL technology, and therefore did not see the value in investing in a higher-tech, more expensive VL device.

We then co-created with Medtronic and Worrell’s cross-departmental team, where we collectively brainstormed product concepts, positioning strategy, and service innovations based on the insights uncovered in the field research.



Following the brainstorm, we took the best concepts and visualized them into sketches for use in the next stage of research. Prototypes allowed us to co-create with participants and gain important insight that helps refine concepts.

Key Activities

Literature Review

Whitespace Audit

Discovery Kit



Clinical Immersion


Concept Prototypes


All of our insights were condensed and delivered to the client, in the form of a sales and marketing “playbook” which outlined all of the barriers stopping the McGrath MAC from being in every OR, as well as contained our suggested next steps, not only for an immediate solution, but also a future-proof one.

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