HawkOne Directional Atherectomy System

Skills Used
Industrial Design, Engineering, Prototyping

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) affects more than 202 million people worldwide and more than 10 million people in the U.S. It occurs when arteries in the legs become narrowed or blocked by plaque, causing severe pain for the patient. PAD can also lead to serious health consequences such as amputation, cardiovascular disease and death.

Covidien approached Worrell to partner with them to develop a new handle design for their directional altherectomy system (formally known as TurboHawk) used to treat peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

Our Approach

Worrell’s design team began by gaining user requirement insights through the evaluation of a predicate product (TurboHawk). Worrell used this information to inform the first round of concepts, where more than a dozen sketches were produced to explore novel functional and aesthetic improvements.

The leading concepts were converted to 3D foam models to evaluate ergonomic considerations such as handle size, grip features and button placement.

Key Activities

Conceptual Ideation


Industrial Design

Detailed Design Refinement


3D Modeling

Ergonomic Refinement Consideration

Usability Analysis

Colors, Materials & Finishes Specifications (CMF)



The Worrell team provided a fully refined industrial design concept for the next generation handle, matching the design criteria provided by Covidien. The final handle improved lesion engagement, enabling interventionists to treat severe calcium more efficiently.


The HawkOne device is the latest addition to Covidien’s directional atherectomy portfolio. The system is used to treat calcified lesions up to two times more effectively than the TurboHawk device. The device allows physicians to treat all morphologies, including severe calcium, and offers procedural efficiency with enhanced cutting, crossing and cleaning capabilities.

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