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Amazon & HTC: Expanding Reach for Virtual Reality

In early July, Amazon announced that it would begin selling HTC’s Viveport VR apps on its online store. Going forward, HTC Vive users will be able to purchase Viveport apps directly from the Amazon marketplace.

We’re excited about this partnership for a number of reasons. Making these apps available on the world’s most popular ecommerce platform means that developers will be able to showcase and sell their work where consumers are already spending their time and money. With the increased reach, VR developers will be able to monetize their apps like never before. This means more developers invested in creating high fidelity VR content, and more companies committed to refining this technology.

Perhaps more importantly, with another means of search for virtual reality content, and more developers churning out content, consumers will be exposed to a wider array of VR experiences. This increased exposure will help foster an increased trust associated with the technology and it’s experiences.


As a firm focused on responsible healthcare innovation, we see the mass adoption of VR as a platform for content consumption within the general population as an essential step towards realizing the full potential of VR as a tool for care providers. Not only does this require advancement in the hardware itself, but it also requires advancement in the way we perceive the experiences that this technology delivers.

It’s clear that Amazon is doubling down on their investment in the future of VR. On top of the latest partnership with HTC, in late 2017 they announced their content creation platform Amazon Sumerian. Sumerian is a platform and toolkit for building mixed reality applications without any programming experience, and it became accessible to the general public back in May. The platform is designed to give companies without the in-house talent the ability to start experimentation and conversation around VR’s business applications.

Large scale commercial support that makes VR more accessible for consumers, and more lucrative for developers, is a good sign for the future of this tech.

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